The Way of The Sanctuary

What is Sanctavía: The Way of The Sanctuary?

“Fitness” isn’t the endgame. Longevity is. Once you understand this - Everything changes. Via neurological, skill-based, training in sustainable bodyweight strength, power generation, practical movement ability, flexibility, posture, skill acquisition, memory, meditation, focus, & stress resilience skills, all while avoiding predictable injuries, Sanctavía is a Longevity art meticulously designed to give practitioners the virtuosity of both knowledge & skill that they deserve in a way they can sustain for a lifetime. This is Sanctavía: The Way of The Sanctuary.

The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules, which served as the guiding Principles for the creation of Sanctavía, emerged from a group of epiphanies that Founder J.J. Caruncho had early in his journey.

Those epiphanies were:

“Fitness” isn’t the endgame. Longevity is.
All Knowledge, Strength, & Ability are skill-based & Neurological first & foremost.
Neurological connections are always specific & take years of consistency to develop.
Self expression is not a given.
Evolutionary design is based on survival alone.
The Brain affects The Body. The Body affects The Brain.

These led to the Golden Rules of Sanctavía, the Principles around which all of Sanctavía was designed:

However we want to move, & feel, in our Elder years - we must train now:
Because Longevity is the goal, neurological connections take years to build, skill is applied specifically, & self expression is not a given - We must begin training, as early as is possible, with a focus on caring for our future selves & developing the skill-based self-expressive attributes that we want to maintain in our Elder years.

It must be physically sustainable:
To maintain any skill - one must continue to train in the way that developed that skill to begin with. Thus, if we cannot maintain the Practice itself, it is without use.

The Practice must avoid predictable injuries:
Longevity is the endgame. If the Practice itself, or anything within it, causes predictable injuries, it is without use.

The Practice must be in alignment with our design:
The Practice must train systems to be used in the way they were designed to be used by evolution.

We use The Body to train The Brain, & The Brain to train The Body:
If someone is physically strong but easily frustrated, distracted, or stressed...are they strong? For a practice to be complete - stress resilience, & focus must be part of the daily work.

The Sanctavía Journey

Mother Movements
Tension & Flow
Spiral Staircase
“Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
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JJ Caruncho

Creator & Founder of Sanctavia

When J.J. Caruncho was a young boy, he remembers his Father saying “It takes the same amount of time to be world class at something as it takes to waste your time”. This idea, that anything we do is worth developing virtuosity in, resonated with him deeply & shaped the rest of his life.

Beginning in music & the performing arts, J.J. would eventually become a leading actor, learn 11 instruments, perform at Carnegie Hall, & conduct orchestras around the world.

He’s studied over 10 martial arts & has had the honor of training members of the U.S. Military.

The creation of Sanctavía is the culmination of over 15 years of development. He is deeply passionate about protecting others, empowering others, & helping them to live as powerfully & passionately as they can so that they can get the most joy possible out of their lives. This is The Way of The Sanctuary.

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Arielle Jacobs


Arielle Jacobs is most known for her starring roles on Broadway as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s “Aladdin,” Nessa in “Wicked,” & Nina in “In the Heights” across from creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As a leading Actress, Arielle realized early on the importance of taking care of her mental wellbeing & spent years studying meditation, mindfulness, & breath work.

Yet, when it came to physical training, she found herself baffled. She tried working out with a personal trainer, pilates, kickboxing, barre, years of yoga, & endless cardio…but always stopped. She just couldn’t see the point.

Discovering Sanctavía changed everything. With its holistic approach, methodical nature, & focus on education, longevity & empowerment, she finally has a roadmap to follow so that she can take care of both her physical & mental wellness, with clarity of purpose & intention, for the rest of her life. She is thrilled to share Sanctavía, The Way of The Sanctuary, with the world.

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Daniel Gonon

Lead Apprentice & Head Instructor

Dan Gonon is a Peruvian-French-American teacher and actor. A lifelong athlete, Dan grew up playing soccer in Spain, where his mission and passion to explore the body’s potential began.

After graduating, Dan began a 10 year journey of research and development as a trainer in big box settings, co-running a small boutique gym, and studying various physical fitness & wellness methods from weightlifting to gymnastics in search of a truly complete wellness art.

In Sanctavía, he found the holistic art he had spent his life looking for, and his passion and commitment eventually led to his becoming the Head Instructor of Sanctavía worldwide.

His mission to reach his fullest potential, and to help others do the same, has inspired practitioners of all ages from around the world to take charge of their health both physically and mentally. This is The Way of The Sanctuary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sanctavía?

Combining the most functional elements of calisthenics, martial arts, yoga, meditation, nutrition & more, Sanctavia is a holistic wellness art that gives
Practitioners who live the Sanctavia lifestyle mastery & craft over taking care of their bodies to the greatest extent possible for a lifetime.

Will Sanctavía turn me into a superhero?

While we cannot guarantee that you will be fighting crime, or donning a superhero cape and taking out monsters, we can definitely guarantee that you will learn how to move with power and intention in your everyday life. This training will transform the way that you understand your body, your mind, and what you’re capable of. It will leave you feeling empowered. So if that makes you feel more like a superhero… then… Game on.

What type of equipment do I need?

You can practice Sanctavía with minimal equipment, and can easily take your training tools with your when you travel. A pair of wooden rings on adjustable numbered straps. A door attachment (if you don’t have a way to hang the rings). A pair of short Kali sticks. And an optional Long wooden staff.

What should I wear for Sanctavía training?

You will be training barefoot. If you have a slippery floor, then you can get some anti-skid socks like Tucketts for your Wooden Ring training forms. Aside from your bare feet, feel free to wear anything that is comfortable, and that you can move around in easily.

How can I be sure that I stay safe & don’t get injured through online training?

Our training classes are for ALL levels. Every form is taught slowly and with precision. There are different levels for each form, so you can stay on level 1 or progress to the next level for a bigger challenge. Only progress once you have MASTERED the earlier form. You will always here us say: “Be Where You Are.” If you follow along with the training, listen to all of the instructions, and don’t skip ahead, you will be okay.

Will I be ok if I've never done meditation or other physical training?

Absolutely. Many of our students have never trained before, or have never tried meditation or breath work. Sanctavía teaches students of all ages and all experience levels. Our students range from age 16 to 94 years old!

Will I be ok if I’m overweight or have a physical disability?

Our mantra is “Be Where You Are.”

How does the Live Expedition work? How many days a week do we train, and how long are the training sessions? Do I need to attend all of them?

Is Sanctavia challenging? Will it make me sweat?



Major Attaway,

Broadway star and Voice Over artist

“Sanctavía is a lifelong journey towards a balance that is so deeply Rooted that being caught off guard will be the best part of your day, because you finally get to use your training. Everything from an emotional crisis to /slipping on an ice cube/- the training applies. It’s worth every minute, every penny. Take your time. And love yourself for the rest of your life.”

"I’m just a guy who’s a little over 60. I don’t get a lot of exercise except for going out early in the morning for a run a couple of times a week. And I have to say that I love Sanctavía’s focus on longevity, on endurance, on slow and steady wins the course. I love starting the week with becoming more reacquainted with the ground. Hey, falling is one of the leading causes of death for elderly people. It’s important to build up those life skills. A few weeks ago, my wife was sitting across from me at the dinner table and said, ‘wow, your biceps have gotten bigger.’ I mean, that’s not why I do it. I love Sanctavía. Sanctavía really is something for /you/. You’ll find that it really helps you develop, and become reconnected with, your body. Sanctavía has my resounding endorsement."

Patrick G.,

Age 65, retired Business Executive

Byron Singleton,

MET Opera Singer & aspiring martial artist

“The breath work has made me a better singer. The meditative practices have made me more focused and less easily thrown off balance or Base- both physically and metaphorically. And the physical practices have literally made me feel 10 years younger. Thank you Sanctavía.”

“It made me feel strong, like a superhero, but the biggest benefit I received was not even the physical aspect, but rather the mental and emotional fortitude I was able to strengthen from the philosophy that’s embedded in the practice. There’s a really holistic approach to the practice that I just love. If you get the chance to study at Sanctavía, you will be so glad that you did.”

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer,

a Cuban-American actress, author, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist

Jarrad Arbuckle,

Professional Martial Artist & owner of the ASD Concepts martial arts school

“With Twenty years of martial arts, I’ve always had an interest in improving myself physically. I’ve done many physical fitness programs before, but I wasn’t really sure what a wellness program such as Sanctavía consisted of. I soon found that not only did it have all the physical aspects of things I was looking for such as calisthenics and body mechanics, it also housed a lot of different things I was interested in but had yet to explore such as sports psychology, meditation, and breath work. After a few months of training, I realized how imperative those aspects are in not only improving our physical wellness, but our mental wellness as well… which is a side of a coin to what would be our overall health.”

“Sanctavía absolutely changed my life. It has enriched me with tools that are going to make my experience more enhanced not just when I work out, but as a human walking on the streets. I particularly love the breathing exercises because they really work to get you centered, focused, and ready for the day. I often incorporate them now every day when I wake up in the morning. And working with your own body weight- that’s a game changer. If you are looking for a good place to center yourself, to work on your body, to work on yourself and to be inspired, I highly recommend Sanctavía.”

Jonathan Demar,

Tony-Award winning Broadway producer

Kayla W.

“I have health issues that make it hard to even get out of bed some days. And I feel like Sanctavía really helped because the moves are based on levels. So if you can’t make it to level 3, they’re still level 1 and level 2. And I feel like Sanctavía gave me the confidence to finally move forward with a program. It made me feel comfortable and empowered because I feel like most fitness programs these days, you have to already be fit to even begin, and Sanctavía is not like that.”

Your Journey
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Combining the most functional elements of calisthenics, martial arts, yoga, meditation, nutrition & more, Sanctavía is a holistic wellness art that gives Practitioners who live the Sanctavía lifestyle mastery & craft over taking care of their bodies to the greatest extent possible for a lifetime.