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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sanctavía?

The fastest growing age group in America is aged 64 & up.

One day you will be in your 80’s…& your choices now affect future-you.

That’s why Sanctavía Founder J.J. Caruncho spent years interviewing people aged 60-94, asked what was difficult about aging, & then reverse engineered a cutting-edge solution.

Sanctavía is a complete, Longevity-focused, training art & lifestyle designed to help us attain, & maintain, the highest levels of life enjoyment possible for the entirety of our lifespan. The years will come either way. But your quality of life during that section of your life is up to what you do now, & maintain forever.

Bodyweight strength. Brain health. Movement ability. Memory Techniques. Power generation. Posture. Balance. Breath work. Cardio. Coordination. Flexibility. Focus. Daily stress resilience training.

All in one art which you can sustain for a lifetime - while avoiding predictable injuries.

This is Sanctavía: The Way of The Sanctuary.

Is Sanctavía a martial art?

Sanctavía is not a Martial Art…but it does, in every moment, have a Martial Heart.

Founder J.J. Caruncho is a world class martial artist. He’s studied over 10 different martial arts & trained thousands of people including members of U.S. Special Forces units, the Army, Navy, Airforce, Air Marshals, SWAT teams, & more.

Eventually, he realized he could protect more people by training & empowering them to care for their health & wellness than he ever could by teaching people how to fight.

He wondered if it was possible to give people the strength of mind, stress resilience, calm, & discipline that advanced martial arts are famous for by teaching people how to heal their own bodies rather than how to hurt others.

So, he kept the Martial Heart of his practice in place & passes it on to others through Sanctavía.

If you are already a Martial Artist - Sanctavía will make you more powerful than you’ve ever been.

If you are not a Martial Artist - Sanctavía will make you more powerful than you’ve ever been.

Will Sanctavía turn me into a superhero?

Sanctavía is a way through which you can actively become the most powerful you that you can possibly be. This training will transform the way that you understand your body, your mind, who you are, and what you’re capable of.

You will learn to move, think, and live with tremendous power and intention in every moment of your life.

We can help you live with great power. But the great responsibility of what to do with it…is yours.

Choose wisely.

What type of equipment do I need?

Sanctavía is done with minimal, low tech, wooden equipment, and you can easily take your training tools with you when you travel.

The tools of a Sanctavía Practitioner are:

  1. A pair of wooden rings on adjustable numbered straps.

  2. A door attachment (if you don’t have a way to hang the rings).

  3. A pair of short wooden Kali sticks

  4. An optional Long wooden staff.

These simple tools are like a piano.

In the hands of someone who doesn’t play it’s just wood, yet in the hands of a skilled artist - it’s a symphony. In either case it’s not the piano that changes but, rather, the skill of the artist. The only complex pieces of equipment utilized in Sanctavía are your mind and body. With time, you will learn to bring the complexity, & you will find that the staff & the rings can take your strength, & power generation, as far as it is physically possible for you to go.

What should I wear for Sanctavía training?

We will be training barefoot. This is extremely important as most people have lost a tremendous amount of connection, strength, range, & function in their feet because of modern shoes. This puts us in serious danger as we age. If you have a slippery floor then you may want to get some anti-skid socks, like Tucketts, for your Wooden Ring training forms. Aside from your bare feet, feel free to wear anything that is comfortable, that you can move around in easily, & which will move with you.

How can I be sure that I stay safe & don’t get injured through online training?

Sanctavía Golden Rule #3 is: “If the Practice causes predictable injuries, it is of no use”. So, every single piece of Sanctavía, including the online distance training process which is our specialty, has been engineered with this safety in mind.

Sanctavía, & the Expedition experience, is for ALL levels. Every form is taught slowly and with precision. There are different levels for each form, so you can stay on Level 1 for the entire time or progress to the next level if you are ready. The key is to only progress once you have MASTERED the earlier form.

You will always hear us say: “Be Where You Are”.

You will also get a detailed video explaining exactly how to know when to move on to a higher level the week before the Expedition begins, & we also will come back to these points several times per day during our training.

This is not a bootcamp or competition. People come to us to Learn.

It is an educational & empowerment experience designed to set you up for success for the rest of your life.

If you follow along with the training, listen to all of the instructions, and don’t skip ahead, you will be okay.

Will I be ok if I've never done meditation or other physical training?

Absolutely. Be Where You Are. Many of our Practitioners had never trained before, tried meditation, or done any breathwork.

You actually might be at an advantage! Oftentimes, new students who’ve attained a high level in some other art (like bodybuilding, or some sport, etc) continually overestimate what they feel their abilities as Sanctavía beginners should be. They have trouble being beginners at Sanctavía because they think of themselves as black belts in something else. This conditioning usually holds them back for some time.

Beginner's mind is the most helpful thing for someone to learn.

So, if you’re a beginner…you already have beginner's mind!

Will I be ok if I’m overweight or an Elder (someone over 65)?

Definitely. “Be Where You Are”. It’s impossible to work from any place other than where we are.

We’ve trained Practitioners from aged 16-94, all together in the same training group.

From Practitioners diagnosed with “obesity” from a medical perspective to Practitioners who were nearly going to get a hip and knee replacement (and walks today without pain).

Sanctavía is for all humans who wish to become Longevity Athletes.

How does the Live Expedition work? How many days a week do we train, and how long are the training sessions? Do I need to attend all of them?

Please go to the Expedition page for all info! It is covered there in great detail and, if your question isn’t answered, there’s a way to get in touch and ask someone from our team.

I'm a young athlete & I'm worried Sanctavía will be too easy for me because you talk about aging & Longevity. Does Longevity mean that we'll be stepping on and off a step with small weights?

Short version: We’ve trained professional martial artists, members of U.S. Special Forces units & just about every branch of the Military, NFL players, collegiate athletes, & elite Broadway dancers.

Longevity is the goal. Over the years, we’re all going to potentially lose an average of 30% of our strength & abilities as we age. Which means - we need to endeavor to become 30% stronger than we want to end up.

This means “as strong as one can possibly be”.

As a result: Sanctavía athletes are extremely powerful.

Engage Sanctavia Is For You

Sanctavía is
for you.

We are passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive, exciting, & adventurous atmosphere in every aspect of your Sanctavía experience. Wherever you are in your life’s journey, Sanctavía is for You. From U.S. Special Forces members to retired Moms & Dads, from teenagers to Great Grandmothers, from Doctors to Broadway stars, The Sanctavía Familia is a diverse group. The only prerequisite is passion. It would be an honor for us to share this art with you.

Your Adventure Awaits

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on creating the new.”

- Socrates