Stronger For Life - Signature Event Experience


An entire process engineered to help Practitioners enter Flow states more often, retain more information, & learn at a significantly faster & deeper level than would be possible otherwise, even in person!

  • 6 Days of Daily Masterclasses (90 minutes long)
  • Streamed live from our headquarters - the Sanctuary
  • Gear shipped directly to you!
    These tools will fuel your training for years to come!

The exact process I’ve used to train thousands of people from:

  • Complete beginners (ranging in age from 15-94 at the dates of their first lessons)
  • NFL Players
  • Professional Martial Artists, Film, Broadway, & Opera Stars
  • U.S. Military Members: Special Forces Groups, Air Marshalls, Counter Terrorism Units
  • CEO's, & $500M per year corporations
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • Everyday Moms & Pops
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